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                Passenger Elevator Noise Situation

                Suzhou Diao Elevator Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 30, 2017

                With the speeding up of urbanization, science and technology, the pace of modernization, many high-rise buildings and high-rise residential land, the elevator has become an essential tool for high-rise buildings, is a lot of people work, life indispensable vertical Direct transport tools, to people's lives to bring great convenience. But the attendant elevator noise problem is also highlighted, the elevator in the run-time vibration and noise will go through the building walls, floor to

                Solid sound of the way to the surrounding room scattered, as a noise pollution.Passenger Elevator The noise generated by the elevator is generally in the low frequency, the human ear during the day is not sensitive to these noise, it is easy to be ignored. The noise of the elevator on the health of the people caused by the main obstacles to students learning Passenger Elevator Interfere with our watch TV programs and telephone conversations, night effects of the elevator shaft wall residents normal sleep rest, serious also lead to people with headaches, palpitation, brain swelling and other adverse reactions.

                The current elevator noise complaints, most of the owners are that "elevator noise" is due to the poor quality of the elevator itself; that "noise" is issued by the elevator. But according to the noise of the elevator over the years The analysis of the governance case and the communication with the relevant architectural design unit confirmed that the appearance of the elevator noise in the owner's home was mainly due to the fact that the house was designed to take into account the beauty of the house itself and the savings of the public area Passenger Elevator

                , As far as possible to expand the use of the area, in the design of the owner of the bedroom or living room with the elevator shaft shared a structural wall, to achieve a steel link caused by steel.Because the noise of the elevator is mainly manifested as low frequency vibration, it is transmitted through solid vibration, so the steel connection wall in the architectural design provides the transmission way for the elevator vibration noise. Elevator noise is currently in our country The main impact is residential. Second, the top elevator room design in the top of the home is directly below the home or adjacent to the next door, etc., resulting in structural solid sound.Passenger Elevator