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                Operation Status Of Goods Elevator

                Suzhou Diao Elevator Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

                Once the elevator is switched to the fire-fighting state, it automatically cancels the normal running state, but the elevator is in the fire-fighting state, if it does not pass the switch, it is impossible to enter the normal operating state. We also know that the normal operation of the elevator depends on the closure of the lock circuit and the safety loop switches.Goods Elevator

                In the normal operation state, the lock ladder key also must be able to play the role of turn-off (usually the completion of the internal election instructions, return to the base station, wait a few seconds after the automatic shutdown of the ladder) but in the fire operation state, the lock ladder key can not play the role of turn-off, and then the elevator also presents a cancellation of the outside, select the "one-time" straight driving characteristics, This is what we call the fire operation of the standard subject.Goods Elevator

                This is the most correct operation of the test, the most complete specifications, we can clearly see from this specification, as long as the elevator switch to run state, what normal operation, emergency control, docking operation all failure, even if the fire switch will not have any role. In the test run state, you can boldly work, also don't worry about the lock ladder Key's turn-off and the fire switch action caused the elevator operation, because the inspection run is the highest level. Only by undoing the inspection operation can the elevator be transferred to other operating forms.Goods Elevator

                Fire operation can immediately cancel the normal operation of the elevator disappeared, also can make the electric lock ladder key turn-off effect (even if the elevator in the lock ladder state, no elevator keys, fire switches can also make the elevator into the fire operation, but "in addition to the door protection devices all kinds of safety protection device still works", so it is only higher than normal operation. It is significantly lower than the emergency operation of the elevator emergency electric operation, more than the elevator inspection run Goods Elevator