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                Suzhou Diao Elevator Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 29, 2016

                Elevator is a motor-driven vertical lift, equipped with a box-shaped pod, used for multi-storey buildings by people or cargo transport. Steps, treads mounted on track running, commonly known as the escalator or moving walkway. Fixed lifting equipment of the service than the floor. Vertical elevator with one car, running in at least two vertical or oblique angle is less than 15 ° between the rigid rail. Car size and structure facilitate passenger accessibility, loading or unloading of cargo. Used regardless of their drive way, Elevator buildings vertical transportation in General. Speed-speed elevator (4 m/s), fast elevator 4~12 m/s) and high speed elevators (12 m/s or more). Hydraulic elevator in mid 19th century there are still applied in low-rise buildings. In 1852, the United States E.G. Otis developed the security of wire rope hoist lifts. 80, and drive further improvements, such as motor through worm-drive driven winding reels, balance weight. The end of 19th century, using a friction wheel drive, greatly increasing the lifting height of the lift.

                Elevator using permanent magnet synchronous traction machine as a power in the late 20th century. Significantly reduced the room covers and has low energy consumption, energy efficiency, enhance the advantages of speed, greatly boosting the real estate to high-rise development.

                ThyssenKrupp elevator company, the new "multi lifts" horizontal and vertical operation.

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